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Why You Need A Wedding Planner

Imagine this: it’s your wedding day. You arrive at your venue in a grand Limo. You feel a strong sense of peace, excitement, and bliss knowing that you’re marrying the love of your life today. There’s birds chirping in the trees, and a fresh crisp breeze on your skin. The grand doors open as you walk in, and there it is: Chaos. There are no decorations, the caterers and florists are running into each other and the DJ is trying to set up in the ceremony aisle. Mood killer, right? What do you do? Do you run around and take care of all the details? Who’s going to hang the decorations you brought? Are you going to get on a ladder in your wedding dress to decorate the arch? What about the vendors? Do they know when and where they are supposed to setup? You wouldn’t want to be running around the place in your wedding dress, wearing 5-inch heels, trying to fix everything. Next, you’ll happen to run into your future husband in the hallway when you wanted him to see you walking down the aisle first. Oh yeah, and you forgot to tell your sister to pick up the cake. WHAT. A. MESS!

This is why you need a wedding day coordinator. A wedding is a production, not just a party. A wedding day coordinator makes sure the vendors are in the place at the right time. They create a wedding day timeline and distribute it to all vendors. They ensure the DJ knows that he can’t setup until the venue employees turn the ceremony space into a dance floor. And that can’t happen until all the guests are ushered to cocktail hour location. The wedding coordinator oversees everything to ensure a seamless, stress-free, wedding day. After all, it is the most important day of your life. Trust me, you don’t want to skip out on the one most important part of planning a wedding; the wedding planner!

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