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Love is in the Air

As I was driving, I saw such a beautiful hot air balloon in the sky. It said “Rainbow Riders” on the side. I thought what a romantic idea, proposing to the love of your life in hot air balloon. Being in the air will give you and your spouse a heightened sense of excitement and adventure, signifying the rest of your lives together. With it being so close to Valentine’s day, I can’t imagine a better time. A wedding should always represent the couple and who they are both individually and together. So, what if there was a way to incorporate the hot air balloon memory into the wedding. Well, you could go the simple way and decorate with hot air balloon centerpieces. But I think we can get more creative than that. What about a 6ft hot air balloon replica in place of the guest book. Guests can write a personal note to the couple and place it in the large basket. If I put my mind to it, I think I can make it myself. I would use sturdy thin pipes or metal for the ropes. They can drape around the XL balloon. And of course, the weaved basket holding up the structure. Now if you really want to bring out your adventurous side, here’s an even grander idea. After you say your “I do’s” and walk out the ceremony, take a ride in the balloon with your photographer! Your wedding pictures will last forever and so will the memories.

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